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Roman Bavay - Bagacum

The Roman city of Bagacum was an important junction of seven major roads that linked northern France to Germania, southern and western France. One of these went to present-day Boulogne-sur-Mer, from where boats set sail for Britain. The ruins of a 2.5 hectare forum, that is relatively well preserved, make this the largest surviving Roman Forum in France. From the end of the 3rd century and through the 4th century the forum was heavily fortified with thick walls and turrets. These ramparts can still be seen today.

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Forum Museum Bavay

The archaeology museum in Bavay, and the adjacent Roman Forum site, have recently undergone considerable development. Although many artefacts were removed from the site over the years, and now in museums in France and Belgium, there are still some quite spectacular objects on display in the museum. Besides showing what life was like for the inhabitants of the Roman city, the exhibits also outline the strategic importance of the city for the Roman Empire. Entry to the museum includes the archaeological site, but features the forum and fortifications can be seen from the street.