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Rhône Alpes
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The high Alps to the east of this region mark the international borders with both Switzerland and Italy. The two departments that make up this area are what was the historic Duchy of Savoy; annexed by France in 1860 following the Treaty of Turin. Besides the Alps and skiing, the area is known for its quaint medieval towns; the lakeside town of Annecy an Chambéry are just two examples with well preserved historic centres. The departments in Rhône-Alpes are: Savoie and Haute-Savoie.

Archaeology & History Sites in Rhône Alpes

Chambéry Castle

Today the Seat of the Prefecture and Department of Savoie, until 1860 Chambéry Castle was the residence of the counts and dukes of Savoy, and their administration. Hence why it is also known as the Château des ducs de Savoie. A fortified castle was built in the 11th century, which has been modified several times since. The medieval wing houses a permanent exhibition on the history of the castle and the Savoy Dynasty. Entry is free of charge, but it is only possible to see the rest of the castle on a guided tour – for which booking ahead is essential.

Museums & Art Galleries in Rhône Alpes

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