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Part of the Midwest, Indiana is a state with a name recalling the former dominance of its indigenous peoples – “land of the Indians.” This memory can also be seen at its state capital, Indianapolis, erected atop a village of the indigenous Delaware people. Various indigenous communities were once predominant in Indiana, among them the Iroquois and Algonquin-speaking groups like the Miami and the Potawatomi. European explorers and trappers moved into the area late in the 17th century, with early French dominance supplanted by the British after 1763. Following its formation, the United States assumed control over the area through the Peace of Paris treaties, after which Indiana received growing immigration from southern states before securing its own statehood in 1816.

Archaeology & History Sites in Indiana

Historic Old Fort Wayne

The historic Old Fort consisted of three consecutive log-built fortifications used between 1794 and 1819, largely as a base from which military forces could monitor nearby indigenous communities. With the ending of hostilities with Native communities, the fort was abandoned in 1819. In 1823 the city of Fort Wayne was formally established. As the city developed fort was demolished in the 1850s. During the late 20th century a replica of the fort as it existed in 1815 was constructed not far from the original site; purposefully created as a heritage attraction.

Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial

Abraham Lincoln was the most prominent U.S. President of the 19th century, responsible for preserving the Union during the Civil War. Although born in Kentucky, he grew up here in southern Indiana, in an area now called Lincoln City. The national memorial includes the exposed foundations of the timber house that Lincoln grew up in, a reconstruction of this original structure and a 1943 stone monument erected to commemorate the famous statesman. A piece of rock from his birthplace in Kentucky has also been brought here.

Museums & Art Galleries in Indiana

Indiana State Museum

Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis showcases a range of exhibits covering the natural history and the human heritage of the Hoosier state, Indiana. Displays include the area’s natural history, prehistory as well as the European American colonisation. The museum’s origins stretch back to the 1860s, although since 2002 it has been based in a purpose-built structure. The museum is home to the largest IMAX cinema in Indiana.