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Oxford Archaeological Guides – A Series Review

Have you ever tried to get yourself a decent archaeology travel guide? Whether you are going some where interesting on holiday or simply want to explore the area around where you live, sometimes finding something more than a generic regional travel guide is impossible. While there is nothing understandable as they do try and capture everything on offer – but for a generic traveller. What about those of us who want a bit more out of an area’s past?

England An Oxford Archaeological Guide

by Timothy Darvill, Paul Stamper & Jane Timby


Southern France An Oxford Archaeological Guide

by Henry Cleere

Greece An Oxford Archaeological Guide

by Christopher Mee & Antony Spawforth

The Holy Land An Oxford Archaeological Guide

by Jerome Murphy-O'Connor

Ireland An Oxford Archaeological Guide

by Andy O`Halpin & Conor Newman

Scotland An Oxford Archaeological Guide

by Anna Ritchie & Graham Ritchie

Spain An Oxford Archaeological Guide

by Roger Collins


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