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Earl evening in summer on the main street through Les Eyzies.

Les Eyzies – A Guide to the World Capital of Prehistory

Discover over 400,000 years of human history in Les Eyzies-de-Tayac. From rock shelters and caves of our more recent ancestors, some of which are adorned with the finest examples of Ice Age art in Europe, to the medieval rock-cut shelters. All within walking distance of a picturesque village in the Dordogne’s Vézére Valley. Perfectly located to make this small town a good base to explore more sites in the Valley and the Dordogne, including Lascaux , Roque Saint Christophe, and many, many castles. Excellent hotels and fine restaurants round off any visit with a truly memorable gastronomic experience.

Earl evening in summer on the main street through Les Eyzies.
The main street running though Les Eyzies in the early evening.

Les Eyzies-de-tayac a Perfect Base for Exploring the Vézére Valley and Beyond

Things to Do in Les Eyzies

National Prehistory Museum

Musee National De Prehistoire Entrance
Musée National de Préhistoire.
A bison carved out of reindeer antler depicted looking back over its shoulder and licking its flank.
Miniature carving of a bison, in antler.

Font De Gaume

An Ice Age polychrome painting of a bison where the painter has used the natural surface of the rock to suggest the body of the animal.
Polychrome bison at Font de Gaume.
An Ice Age image of a felines head, where the artist has created the outline of the animal by incising the rock surface with a harder stone.
Incised feline head at Les Combarelles.

Les Combarelles

Abri Cro-magnon

A bronze statue of a cro-magnon man standing near the site where the first skeleton of Cro-Magnon was found.
L'Abri Cro-Magnon.
Stairs on a suspended walkway that allow visitors to walk over an archaeological excavation in the Pataud Rock Shelter, France.
Abri Pataud.

Abri Pataud


The Vézére River in the Dordogne, France.
Canoeing on the Vézére River.
A woman strides through market stalls on a sunny morning, fresh produce to her right, clothes to her left and the limestone cliffs of Les Eyzies as a backdrop.
Monday market in Les Eyzies.

Monday Market

Taste Regional Products

A group pf women showing tins of their favourite pates just purchased.
Pâté tasting in a shop specialising in local produce.
Palais Des Glaces Les Eyzies
Le Palais des Glaces.

Homemade Ice-cream at the Palais Des Glaces

An Evening Meal at La Maison

Looking from the inside of the restaurant, out into the garden seating area.
A filet of beef topped with foie gras with local vegetables on the side.
A view across the interior salons at La Maison.

Day Trips from Les Eyzies

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Things to do in Les Eyzies

Les Eyzies Accommodation

A view of the front of Les Glycines Hotel in the early evening, with a clear sky and lights brightening up the facade.
Les Glycines.
A view over the rooftops of Les Eyzies to the river and green fields beyond.
Hostellerie du Passeur.
Old mill buildings covered in ivy and surrounded by lush green trees.
Hôtel Le Moulin de la Beune - Restaurant Au Vieux Moulin.

Les Eyzies Restaurants

How to Get to Les Eyzies

Les Eyzies With Your Own/hired Transport

Getting to Les Eyzies by Train

A small train station next to a railway track with a single carriage train on it at Les Eyzies.
Les Eyzies train station.
A row of bikes at the rental station in Les Eyzies.
Rental bikes at the Mayor's office.
The self-service laundry machines next to the entrance to the supermarket in Les Eyzies.
Self-service laundry machines.

Other Essential Services and Facilities in Les Eyzies

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