France Before the Franks

From earliest times to the Fall of the Roman Empire

Is it a guidebook?
Is it a website?
Is it an app?

France Before the Franks

A multi-platform guide to the archaeology of France,
from earliest times to the fall of the Roman Empire

From Ice Age cave art on the south west, enigmatic megalithic structures in the north west, to the finest Roman remains in the south, France has some of the most extraordinary archaeology sites in the world. These sites, along with the many world class museums and state of the art interpretative centres, make France a popular destination – even for those who have only a passing interest in Europe’s prehistoric and ancient past.

And yet, even in 2019, there is a lack of useful information for people wishing to visit these attractions. France Before the Franks will provide reliable and interactive resources across three platforms, in a way that one of these could not do alone.

France Before the Franks not only represents a major venture for Archaeology Travel, but will be an innovative addition to the guidebook industry. This will be the first truly multi-platform guide to the archaeology of a country, where the resources provided on the different platforms is truly integrated, not just different editions of the same thing.

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A directory of archaeology sites and museums, organised by region and archaeological period. Members will be able to select sites to create itineraries, as well as participating in the members forum.

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The App will give you the ability to check details of and get directions to sites and museums you plan to visit. Wherever you are, open your App to see what sites are near you, whether you are online or offline.

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A more traditional style guidebook to the archaeology of France for you to enjoy reading wherever you are. Besides details of sites to visits, essays on the various periods explain the prehistory and ancient pasts of France.

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Backing France Before the Franks

Many of the features that will make the France Before the Franks smartphone app and website more than just a directory of sites and museums are not cheap to create and maintain. So, to keep the bulk of the Archaeology Travel website free these advanced features will only be available to members or to purchase.

After two years of extensive fieldwork in France, from January 2019 Archaeology Travel is seeking backers to assist in the development phase of this project. The financial support will be used to develop the smartphone app and website.


£10 per month will give you General Membership (as outlined below)

In return for your support, for those who sign up with a monthly subscription between January and March for the rest of 2019 will get free membership for 2020. Otherwise, for every month before September 2019 (inclusive) you backed our project your 2020 membership will be credited by the same number of months. For example, When you sign up in May 2019, and pay for 8 months in 2019, you will only pay 4 months (January to April) for full membership in 2020.

You can sign up for recurring payments with payment, click on the Paypal link:

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For a one-off payment of £400 in 2019 will receive Life Membership. You can make your single payment via the following Paypal link:

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Project Timeline

First Quarter 2019

Updates will be posted fortnightly, and members will be given exclusive access to beta pages of the website and invited to provide feedback.

Feedback Received so far

Wow! I love the homepage! I love being able to find nearby sites. And the details about the particular museum or site. I’m very impressed, and quite excited … now, how am I going to spend enough time in France???

So exciting to see it all unfold, Thomas. I love the idea of clicking on places you want to include in your itinerary. This angel is with you all the way!

April/May 2019 – Launch of the Membership Website

Aiming for the end of April. This will then be updated regularly, if not daily. New sites and museums will be added on a daily basis and made accessible to members as soon as details are verified and confirmed.

June 2019 – Launch of the App

Aiming to launch the app by the end of June. This will then be updated monthly. In the first few months following the launch updates will probably be more frequent as new attractions are added, and bugs and user problems are fixed.

December 2019 – Publication of the Book

The first edition of the book will be published by December. Thereafter new editions will be released annually in December, i.e. the 2021 edition will be published in December 2020.

January 2020

The developmental phase of the project will end, and will pass to a membership only venture with a programme of continued maintenance and upgrades. The website will be updated regularly: new additions and/or information and checks to exiting sites will ensure information is as up-to-date as possible. The app will be updated monthly. New editions of the book will be published annually, in December.

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General Membership

From January 2020 it will be possible to purchase the App (forecast at £14.99) and the book (forecast at £19), the website will always be membership only.

Membership Fees: a single, up front payment of £100 for 12 months (or £10 per month)

  • Access to members only website – including all published site/museum lists/pages, interactive maps, create personal itineraries, members forum
  • Access to the App and monthly upgrades
  • the last or the next edition of the guidebook
  • For those who choose to pay monthly for membership, you will have access to the App (and updates) and the last/next edition of the guidebook after five consecutive months of membership.

    Note: The guidebook will be provided as an e-Book. A hardcopy will be supplied for an extra £5 +post&packaging.

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