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Trains to Life – Trains to Death Memorial at Friedrichstraße Station, Berlin

Just outside Friedrichstraße train station is one of many memorials to the victims of the Nazi era in Berlin. This particular one, Trains to Life – Trains to Death, reflects on the contrasting fate of children during that period. On 1 December 1938 190 children left Friedrichstraße station for England; the first of the so-called Kindertransport. In contrast, many more children were transported by rail to Nazi death camps. For anyone visiting Berlin with an interest in World War II history, this article is part of our guide to the monuments and memorials linked to World War II and the National Socialists in the city.

A group of children cast in bronze representing the transport of Jewish children to safety or the death camps.
Trains to Life - Trains to Death 1938 - 1945 - the bronze memorial at Friedrichstrasse Station in Berlin.

Frank Meisler 's Memorial at Friedrichstrasse Station

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Trains to Life - Trains to Death

Just outside Friedrichstraße train station in Berlin is the Trains to Life – Trains to Death bronze installation by the Israeli architect and sculptor Frank Meisler. The memorial depicts two groups of children that represent the contrasting fate of Jewish children during the Nazi era. On 1 December 1938, 190 children departed from Friedrichstraße station for England under the kindertransport scheme. Many more children were deported to death camps around Europe.

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