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Aljezur Castle

Archaeological excavations show that the hilltop on which the Castle of Aljezur was built has been occupied since at least the Bronze and Iron Ages. Later the Romans and Visigoths also occupied the hill. What we see at Aljezur today are the remains of a defensive Islamic fortress, construction of which began in the 10th century by the Almohads.

Main Facts & Features

Timeline: a Brief History of Aljezur Castle

What is There to See at Aljezur Castle

Where is Aljezur Castle?

Visiting Aljezur Castle

Visiting the castle is included in the Rota Vicentina hiking and biking tours.

Opening Hours

The site is accessible daily.

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How to get to Aljezur Castle

Bus: Expresso regional and national connections from Lisbon, Porto or Coimbra to the village. Eva buses from other locations in Algarve.
Train: Intercidades to Lagos.
Tourist bus: Algarve-Trips, stops at Aljezur and the remaining trip on foot.
Car: A2 highway at 104km take exit 9 to Grândola. At the roundabout, take the IC4 road towards Sines. Afterwards the N120 to Aljezur. Leaving Faro, take the A2 (Via do Infante) until the end (in Bensafrim – Lagos) and the N120 to Aljezur.

More things to See in Aljezur

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